Cackle Hatchery???


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May 4, 2009
North Carolina
Hi all I am hopefully getting some Jumbo Cornish Xs and I wanted to get some from Cackle Hatchery but I have never ordered from there and I wondered if that is a good place to get them from. If anyone has ordered there please tell me if they have good chickens. Thanks!
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I only order from 2 hatcheries myself. Cackle hatchery
is 1 of them. I had good results with the chicks that I bought
from them though mine were pullets not meat birds.
The other is Hoovers hatchery. I had great results with the
birds that I ordered from them. I believe that you will find
Hoovers prices to be very reasonable also.

check them out and see.
Just got my Campbell ducklings from Cackle Hatchery. I ordered 15 and they sent 16. All are in great shape and very active at 6 days old. Will order from them again for sure.
Honestly, it really doesn't matter where you get your birds- you'll find people for and against every hatchery on this site. Your best bet is to figure out which hatchery is the closest to you and order there, to minimize travel time.
Do research & order from an actual hatchery. There are ALOT of "poultry places" that are just the "middle man" & are making a buck off of you by ordering from the same hatchery that you can order from. Be careful.
I just got 100 of the jumbo cornish from Cackle yesterday.
Its the first time I ever ordered from them and its really only because the owner of the feedstore ordered them for me.
He has 4 that he orders from. I have gotten them from Ideal and Welp too.
They seem pretty much the same except I noticed that Welp's chicks are always bigger from the get go, I mean the day they arrive and I take them out of the box I always laugh at how roly poly they are.
The others are not like that so its just a matter of a couple of them having a slightly different strain.
If I were you, order from the hatchery that is closest to you so you limit how much time the birds are in transit.
I think you will find that everyone on here has ordered from just about every hatchery that is out there.
Off the top of my head, Murray Mcmurray, Cackle, Ideal, Welp, Central, Mount Healthy.
There are more but those are popular ones.
If you think you want to order from Cackle then go ahead and give it a try. You can always try other places later but the ones that I got from Cackle yesterday are doing extremely well. They were only in the mail one day. They are very chipper, made the trip well and I haven't lost any.
So far I have no complaints.

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