Cackle Hatchery,

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8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
Hello all.
I orderd some chicks from cackle about five months ago, and they could be any kinder! The thing is almost half of my birds have pinched combs (Not good for showing), does anyone else have birds with pinched combs that has orderd from cackle?
What breed did you order?

What is pinched combs? I've heard of pinched tails.

Really, most hatcheries are not geared to make birds made for showing with an exception for 4H.
Your worried about yet another hatchery defect, These birds are not meant to be shown in anything other than kids 4H fairs. Can I ask why you bought from a hatchery if you planned on showing, just curious.
Hello, sorry about the confusion. I do show at 4-h kids fairs.
Well this is my first year of showing. We got our chicks from Farm and Fleet, and they told us they came from cackle. When we got to the fair, the judge was marking of points because some of my chickens have Pinched combs. Like when some of the points curve outwards, then it straitens out again. I'll post pictures soon. Ill see if I have one on my computer already..
Doesn't that contradict your first sentence?

I disagree. Some hatcheries give some good birds, i.e. Urch, Sand Hill, Chickhatchery ect.
That's not a big problem, but it should be straight. Many fair judges don't know the standard that well, or not at all from what I'm hearing.
I'm assuming they have Single Combs?
Sandhill does not sell exhibition quality, nor do they claim to.

I don't consider Urch and Holderread to be "hatcheries". They are show breeders who happen to sell on-line. Hatcheries are the puppy mills of poultry breeding.

If you order from a hatchery, you will get hatchery quality. Occasionally, I hear of a hatchery bird winning a nice prize, but it is exceedingly rare. The one time I saw a hatchery duck that had won best medium waterfowl, I can only surmise that he was the only duck there, because it was not a quality duck. Either that or the judge had dropped acid. Happened to be my breed, so in that case, I knew what I was looking at.

I hope you enjoyed showing, Standard Lover. Real exhibition poultry costs peanuts compared to any other animal you could want to show. You can buy yourself a pair or trio of really nice birds and not break your budget. Then get out there and give the rest of us a run for our money. I'd love to have you join us and exhibit poultry. I'll congratulate you if you beat us all, as will almost everyone else out there showing.
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