Caesar: a Warrior rooster

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    Caesar is a bantam Dominique rooster that has a heart like gold with his now 2 girl group (he had 4 but i will tell what happen to the other 2 in a few) he was a SQ rooster, proud, not over his head like big roosters who learn that spurring my father rear end means you become thanksgiving dinner. We moved to this small *cursed, i swear* town, we were only attacked by predators once when he live in the middle of no were with snakes and coons, but when we moved here, Caesar proved his worth, we were attack by dogs on the main flock and Caesar fought with only his 2 needle point spurs and his wits, each time that dog attack (3 times) we lost no hens, but then another dog came, he took the life of His favorite mate, Mama Miya, and his best buddy, Diamond, a 6 month old silkie. we were attack again, and each time he survived, but this battle took what left of him. it was a nice morning, like every other fall day, i was doing school work when a noise came from the chicken coop, i grabbed the BB gun and ran outside, it was my nightmare, 4 dogs were attacking our flock, it was as if Taz (from loony tunes) was let loose, i saw one of our RIR hens be killed, i saved a EE from the dogs murdering jaws, i was able to hit them, but our dear rooster was attacked, i thought he was dead, but some how, like a Phoenix he rise out of the ashes and was able to get to our house, for a week or so he was aloud to heal. He was brought back outside, and put into our backyard, with his last 2 girls, for we had lost his other girl to the last dog attack. We put guard duty on the main flock for a weak minded, dumb buff rooster, if we can get a another rooster form Caesar that is like him, that rooster would be put into the flock.

    Caesar now has a happy life span of he would never go into the stew pot and die a happy old rooster.

    i thought i should share this lucky rooster story to all of you.
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  2. kari_dawn

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    Nov 2, 2009
    North Texas
    he sounds like a keeper! Way to go Caesar!
  3. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    We must see photos of the bantam phantom, Caesar!
  4. Dowie

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Caeser sounds wonderful! I hope your flock stops getting attacked by dogs, that is just awful. [​IMG]
  5. Gresh

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    Wow, Caesar sounds like a brave one! Man, it's a miracle he survived those attacks. Darn those dogs! My family would've taken the ole .22 to them, if they had raided our flock. Glad you have a reliable rooster, even if he's a banty [​IMG]
  6. miss heny

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    i shall try to get pics of him when it is not raining, and there is no chance of snow [​IMG] [​IMG] also i will have a few pics of his girls too [​IMG]

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