Cage sizes for coturnix quail?

Angie Poo

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Jul 27, 2013
Parma, Idaho
So I haven't gotten any quail yet but I am looking into getting some. I have read alot of helpful info on here but my question is would my old rabbit cages work for quail?

I have many extra rabbit cages (I breed and raise rabbit). They are 100% wire with wood frames and plastic roofing and siding on them. The floor is 1"x 1/2" wire and the sides and top are 1"x 2" wire. I have many as large as 30" wide X 36" long X 16" tall. I also have some that are 24" wide X 24" long X 14" or 16" tall. Would these work? (I can make them bigger by taking out dividers) if they will how many can I keep in each cage? I'm thinking about getting either jumbo coturnix or Texas a&m.
I use rabbit hutches as well for quail and they make great quail homes. But you may want to make some changes to them to make them more comfortable. If you are not bedding the floor, lay down 1/2 inch hardware cloth. Easier on the feet than the larger spaces. If this is an outdoor cage or cages, then you will need to cover all wire with 1/2 inch hardware on the sides to keep night time critters from putting paws in, keep out snakes, cats or anything else that can reach in or get in to eat your birds. Make sure the bottom drop pan can be locked in place so that it can not be pulled open by anything. You might also want to cover the sides with plywood so that the cage is basically a 3 sided shelter with only the front open. (and again, this is if these are outdoor cages) that way they will have shade, snow, wind and rain breaks. :)
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Ok thanks for the info. That's going to save me money since I don't have to buy cages. The cages are outdoors already and already have plastic roofing and insulation on all sides except the front and the dropping pans are screwed in at an angle so they can not be removed (you just hose the poo to the back and into a bucket).

Looks like I'm closer to getting quail then I thought :)
Will you be purchasing live birds, or fertile hatching eggs? Unlike chickens, Quail will not lay on their eggs to hatch them, and if you want a continuous supply of birds, you will need to get an incubator. I was pretty close to raising rabbits, when I learned the health benefits of the quail egg.
Well, best of luck to you. Just keep reading and learn as much as possible.
I will be purchasing hatching eggs. I already have an incubator and just finished my first hatch. It was staggered with 3 chicken and 11 duck eggs (removed 2 duck eggs that weren't fertile). 3/3 chicks hatched and all 9 of the remaining ducks hatched! :) :woot:

I'm trying to be more self sufficient (meat, eggs and produce). That's how the idea of adding quail to my projects started.

Thanks so much! I am trying to learn as much as possible before I actually get quail. I also wanted to practice incubating before I got eggs shipped. I would hate for me to screw up or something and have no eggs hatch.
If you can get quail locally I would go that route. I have heard hatching shipped quail eggs is not easy, as the eggs aren't as hardy as chicken or ducks.
If you can get quail locally I would go that route. I have heard hatching shipped quail eggs is not easy, as the eggs aren't as hardy as chicken or ducks.
I have had pretty good luck with shipping and hatching. The biggest factor is your local post office, which can vary a lot! I live where it is very humid and hard to balance that in the incubators and still have a 70% or better hatch rate with shipped eggs even when the box comes in beat up.

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