Calcium Coated Eggs


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Sep 8, 2014
Ontario, Canada
We just took in 20 laying hens that were headed for slaughter and in very tiny cages/ debeaked/ have massive feather loss. They are 1.5 and still laying. They have only been with us 2 days and I'm noticing all of their eggs are coated in calcium. They look identical to the picture in this article
Should I attempt to change something or wait it out to see if it is just stress induced? Are the eggs ok to eat?

Hello! How nice of you to give those hens a good home. Those eggs are fine to eat. All you can do really, is feed them a good layer feed, and give them fresh water. Make sure they have a nice dry hen house, that is draft free. If they can go outside in a fenced run, that would be wonderful for them.

You know, I have one hen that lays eggs like that. While the other 13 hens have normal looking eggs. So I think it was her particular body that produced those eggs, but lately, I haven't noticed any eggs like that in the coop, so I'm hoping it corrected itself.

Maybe time will help, and their egg shells will get better. Those chickens will feel like they're in HEAVEN in their new home with you!

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