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    We have a calf this year, she's three weeks old. Her Mom is a first time Mom and trying her best... but... when she was just a couple days old we thought she had scours so we gave her a sulfa bolus then and she seemed to come around. But starting again a few days ago she started becoming a little lethargic more and more each day. Today when I woke up (work graves so it was around 5pm) and went out to check the cows the calf was just laying down, legs straight out, with Mom licking her. The calf's back, neck and head were all "sopping" wet from Mom licking her for what must have been a long time.
    I walked straight up to the calf and she hardly lifted her head but wouldn't get up. She was breathing VERY hard and making a snotty, wet noise with each breath. But when you put your head to her chest her lungs sound fine, and she didn't have a temp... which leads us to belive it is not pneumonia and maybe a heart defect?
    Any ideas would be GREAT. Vet can't make it out until tomorow so we just gave it the calf dosage of Peninsilyn (4.5 cc)
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    Oh no, I am so sorry but it doesnt sound good. I hope you figure out what it is. Good luck.

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