Calico Cochins all roosters?


5 Years
Jun 22, 2014
Southwest Virginia
I just bought these 3 and was told there was 1 roo and 2 hens. Now I'm certain there are 2 roos and possibly a 3rd. The third pic is of the possible roo. What do you think? I will probably keep 1 roo to breed with my Frizzle Cochin hen.
100% roo.
100% roo in the middle.
Hen in question. It's comb is flopped over but when it's straight, it's as big as the roosters' combs. It's wattles aren't as big and this one is a little smaller than them over all. Thanks!!!
I was a little worried because of her hackle feathers and it looks like she may have rooster saddle feathers too. I sure hope she's actually a hen. Her pelvic bones are about one fingers width apart. Is that too far for a rooster?
all roosters, I can see pointed feathers on all of them. Usually there is a dominate rooster if there are multiple, so the lesser roosters have smaller combs. Hens would have short, rounded feathers all over

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