California Greys?


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Nov 20, 2013
Durango, Colorado
I am trying to plan my next chicken flock, which is still a year or two off. Over the last 5 years I've rasied a mixed flock and now have experience with Barred Rocks, White Rocks, Black Australorp, Black SexLink, New Hampshire, Rose-combed Brown Leghorn, and Ameraucana.

I am pretty sure I want to have Ameraucana again and I think I would like to have a white egg-laying breed to go with them. I like what I've read about California Greys; a bit less flighty than most white egg-layers, breed true and were developed for production rather than show. I would like to develop a flock that balances health and longevity and production (thus not so interested in most hydrids). But, I also want the breeds to get along okay. In my experience, Ameraucanas can be easily bullied. How aggressive are the California Greys? Anyone with lot of experience have an opinion about how that combo might work out? Birds are in a covered pen in winter and when I'm having predator issues, but most days have many hours out on a green pasture. My brown leghorns were great in many ways (from McMurray) - beautiful, no frost bite, hens not aggressive, very healthy, think for themselves, but they were not as productive as any of my other breeds. I also like that Privett has both California Greys and Ameraucana and is my closest hatchery - I can even order though my coop or TSC.


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Nov 27, 2007
Dover TN
Privett carries the best California Greys.
I ordered them a couple of years ago but only pullets so I can't tell you anything about the temperament of the roosters. The hens were nice and not very flighty. I couldn't sell them at swaps unless I told people they were barred Rocks, even though they are a better layer. So I didn't keep them. But I liked them just fine. One of my very favorite chickens were California Whites. I bought them from Privett and Hoover. I liked Hoovers by far the best. Great temperament. I wanted to get the California Greys to cross on Leghorns to make my own California Whites as a "breed" to keep and sell. Again, tough sell unless they are sold as Leghorns. I don't like selling under false pretenses so didn't keep them. May be tempted to get them again, just for myself, as I liked them so much.

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