Call Duck Breed Identification Needed

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Sorry for hyjacking this forum lol but i thought this was a good place to ask what breed my lil duckling is:
She's got a poorly foot at the minute and is limping so i seperated her from the rest
Call Duck is the BREED, then there are color varieties. They aren't known as Swedish call ducks. You can have black and blue bibbed call ducks though.

Just a few color variety names for the call duck breed:

Blue fawn
Black bibbed
Blue bibbed
Pieds of various colors such as blue fawn and grey

Not every color is an official color either, not all are recognized by the APA as SOP. Then there are a tone of muddied background (mutt cross) colors with no true intention to helping a color breed true. Say someone has a small flock of call ducks, but of a variety of colors and they all live together. The off spring could be anything, but if the off spring were to be bred they would toss all sorts of messed up colorations since the parents stock wasn't separated by color/type.

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