Call duck breeders - What Do you sell your call duck eggs for?


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
I'm wanting to get some others opinions on how much I should be asking for my call duck eggs.

I have two breeding groups of calls: Blue Fawn/Pied and a group of Pastels. I purchased them from a private breeder who was big in the call duck shows for several years, and last year she sold off all her stock. I was able to get what she called "the cream of the crop".

Here's pics of my birds -

This is a Blue Fawn/Pied Duck


My Pastel Drake

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Let me first say, YOUR DUCKS ARE ABSOLUTLY STUNNING..... I am so envious! The pied female in the first pic..... dont know if the colours are different here in Australia but I would call her a natural (Mallard coloured) pied. I really like the drake in the background.... I would give you my left leg for him, LOL. Attached is a pic of my blue fawn girl.

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