call duck breeding


12 Years
Aug 7, 2007
near ottawa ontario
I am new to calls . So it is around the corner. I have notice some breeding going on and checking out the nesting boxes. What i am concerned about is to much breeding. I have a white female that the back of her neck is getting kinda of bald in a spot. There is enough females to males. JUst a little concerned. There is no one yet laying , but they are starting to show signs.
I am not to sure. Every time i go out there. They act different. I have to hide to watch. LOL. I also noticed there is allot more noise going on. I guess spring fever. lol..When do calls normally start laying?I have about 24 in there.
how old are they ? Mine are 1 yr old. One of my girls laid for 1 month last Aug when she was about 5 months old.. my other one did NOT lay till about 2 weeks ago.. but now it seems she has quit but my other one just started.. I was told calls can be alittle immature when it comes to laying... they did start mating tho last summer.
That's a lot of Calls in one thought is that too many drakes are liking the same hen. I'd split them up into a few pens and see what happens. I personally think Calls do better with less of a crowd.
I disagree. Calls do better with more than less and they also do better on the ground not on wire. I had calls last year and that is what i have notice. I will be watching a bit more. I think you are right that there is two many drake like the one hen. The ratio is 3 to 1. So it is good.

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