Call Duckling Colors???


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8 Years
May 2, 2011
Ok, I have 5 duckling call drakes, almost mature (about 5-6 months old.) when they were hatched, two had grey feet and darker bodies, and 2 were blue fawn colored, while one was pastel. Now the blue fawn and what I thought were greys (because of the darker feet) look very similar. I was wondering how to tell the colors apart between grey and blue fawn? I can post pictures tomorrow if needed. I'm just not sure if there are any distinct differences yet that I can look for.
as babies the grey and the blue fawn look very similar, The difference..the blue fawn will be a greyish blue and the grey will be more of a deep blackish brown color.

This is a Grey adult maile

this is a Blue fawn adult male
Okay, so I should wait a little longer for the green to show up I think. I'm starting to see green in two of them, noticeably dark green. I think they are grey, thank you

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