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Hi everyone!
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what colors are recognized by the APA for call ducks. My sons are looking to buy some but I want to make sure that we buy recognized colors. Are apricot silver and khaki recognized by the APA?
Thank you!
According to the Call breeders book, standard varieties are : black & white magpie, blue bibbed, buff, butterscotch, gray, khaki, snowy, spot and finally white. The apricot silver is the first variety mentioned in the non standardised colours.
Apricote Silver is not a APA recognized can show them but you couldnt win Best of Breed with them. I get a few Apricote Silvers every year hatched out of my Butterscotch as sports, they say they will breed true though. If your sons are looking for call ducks to show I would recommend Whites...they would have a much better chance of winning Best of Breed, Best Bantam Duck and finally Best Waterfowl in the shows.

I personaly like the Butterscotch the best...but the chance of winning Best Waterfowl with a butter is close to zero.

Hi Jerry,

You say you get apricot silvers from your butterscotch. I was led to believe the butterscotch genotype was that of the appleyard but homozygous for blue. Appleyard are light phase restricted which is based on wild type hence the eyes striping. Silver is based harlequin phase (no eye stripes).
This must mean that at least one male and female are heterozygous for harlequin phase.
Or have I been given the wrong info ion the butterscotch genotype.
Butterscotch is a complicated color pattern...Brice Wonders seems to know more about the color pattern than most everyone except for Darrel Sheraw who came up with the variety.

I have talked to both about the Butters and still cant get the same answer from either one of them....the heterozygous for harlequin phase must pop up from my Brice Wonders drake, I have noticed that the Apricote Silvers that I hatched out came from him on two different hens....Brice told me that he had them hatch out as sports every now and then too. I know that Snowys which have the Appleyard pattern and Pastels were used to make Butters.

OOps I used my wifes logon name again....

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Thank you guys so much! It figures the apricot wouldn't be recognized just because my sons like them the most LOL. I guess we'll go with some white then. Thanks again!!
I think I need to get my hands on some butterscotch but we don't have them here in Australia. Actually we don't have any true calls only the Australian Call which is slowly getting there but still needing a lot of work. I may have to shift to the US or UK where I can get hold of all the birds I want rather than having to create my own from scratch. I love the yellow belly but can't find enough info on their genetics. Still leaving most of the experts bewildered.
I'd be interested in knowing what info Brice and Darrel as to the genotypes of the birds used to create them.
I've noticed that some of the females look to be dark phase whilst others are light phase so that just compounds the confusion.
Standard Colors include gray, white, white-bibbed blue, snowy, buff, pastel, blue+white magpie, black+white magpie. Non-standard includes butterscotch, saxony, aleutian, spot, self-blue, self-chocolate, self-black, white-bibbed black, ancona, penciled, fawn+white, khaki, cinnamon, dusky, blue dusky, lilac and crested. According to "Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks."
Dusky, lilac ,crested, saxony, butterscotch, and khaki say that they are all recognized as standard colors in my story's guide to raising ducks book.

Do you have the book with that mallard or the pekin on the front?
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