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    This is a pic of my new roo. I was told he was a BO but as soon as I saw him I new he had something else in him but what???
    If I breed him, a pea comb, with my single comb EEs. Will his pea combed offspring lay green/blue eggs?
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    Honestly, there's not really much way to tell what he's mixed with unless the person who bred him can tell you...and that doesn't sound like it's a possibility.

    As for what he will produce...with both parents being crossbred birds...who knows? Pea comb and blue/green eggs do have some linkage, but it's not that straightforward. Not every pea-combed Easter Egger lays blue/green, and some with other combs do lay that color. The only way to know for sure is to test it out. I'd say you will probably get a mix of things.
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    If he is part or mostly Buff Orpington, he carries genes for a light brown egg. Plus whatever color egg his pea-combed ancestor laid - anywhere from white to brown. So let's say light brown averaging it all out.

    What color egg do your easter eggers lay? If he is bred to someone who lays blue or green eggs, there is a good probability that the offspring will lay greenish eggs (or at the least, maybe grey eggs). If your easter eggers are all related, and include some who lay brown or cream eggs, there is more of a probability that some of them don't carry the blue egg gene "O" at all, and some of your blue/green layers may only be heterozygous for it. If this is the case, your rooster may produce a few plain brown-egg laying daughters as well as shades of blue green, even when mated with a blue layer.

    For sure, mating him to any of your easter eggers who already lay a cream or brown egg, is going to produce brown egg layers.

    Hope this helps!
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    I would agree with exop, but i will also like to add that i dont think your BO mix carries the blue gene. I am thinking he was breed to something else, but of the same color just did comb. All the BO cross that i have breed were over a blue layer and the chicks were white, black and buff. Plus yours has no muffs, which doesn't always mean they aren't a EE but its a smaller chance with him being muffles and mainly buff with black only in his tail. So im guessing the chicks out of him will be brown layers.
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    The answer is probably in the question. Brown Eggers X Blue Eggers = Green Eggers, impure Pea combs (yours is probably impure) X Single Combs = 50/50.
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    Cross him with a brown or white egg layer- hatch 12 or more eggs and see what shell colors the female offspring produce. That is the only way of determining what shell color genes he carries. He could be a buff orpington x columbian restricted wheaten cross and the columbian restricted bird could have been an easter egger. Who knows??????

    You can not hatch a few eggs to determine his genetic makeup- you have to hatch plenty to get enough females.


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