Calling all peacock owners/experts, help a newcomer with peacocks!


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
I have been thinking alot lately, so remember I am just in the 'thinking stage'. I am wanting to expand my poultry intrest to peacocks. A trio to be exact! I need alot of help though, because I don't know that much about them though. So I got some questions...

1. What do peafowl eat?
2. What is the best/cheap breed for a begginer?
3. What is the inside roosting sqr, footage rule?
4. What is the outside 'run area' sqr, footage rule?
5. What are some good plants/trees to plant in an avairy?
6. What type of bedding should I use?
7. For a trio, what should the coop & run measurments be?
8. How do you rasie them as 'pea'chicks?
9. What are some common diseases?
10. Is there a certain arrangment I should place things in a peacock aviary?

Thanks you guys!

BTW: I have a rescent post about this, but I have more questions.
1- Mine Eat Game feed from TSC (not sure what its excactly called)
2- India Blue
3-Not rlly sure lol mine free range
5- Any thing tropical I think lol
6- I use straw or hay.... some times wood shaving...
8-A lot like baby turkeys

9- Black head is one, there is others but i cant remember lol
sorry im not much help lol im new toooo!
Yep they are worth it. So far they are the first kind of bird I have ever owned and for now the only kind I want! I have never been so interested in any kind of bird like I have been with peafowl. It is worth it in so many ways...There is always something new to observe them doing, watching peacocks display never gets old, watching them take dust baths is always funny, and picking up pretty eye feathers and pretty blue neck feathers is always like finding treasure!

Just wana add that to me they are way easy to take care of especially compared to taking care of fish were you have to clean the tank a lot and bla bla but it never feels like a chore going out to feed the peafowl, in fact I hate it when someone else feeds for me because I hate to miss out on it!
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Our smallest pen is 10' wide x 35' long x 8' tall has a 10'x10' three sided shed with a 25' run.

Our largest pen is 25' wide x 75' long x 8' tall with a 12'x20' shed in one corner.

We have a total of 18 Peafowl breeder pens and have started 10 new pens.


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