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Apr 17, 2017
I have a hen that I am concerned about. She is about a year old. She was sold as a Buff Orpington at Rural King. But I have always suspected that she was really a red sexlink. If she is a BO, she is certainly Hatchery Stock. I noticed about a week ago she had a bit of a saggy bum. She would waddle a slight bit. I equated it to a baby walking around in a poopy diaper. But otherwise she acted normal. She would try to steal the food I give to a couple of my special needs birds. (I sit out on my porch with these little girls and feed them a special mash I make out of their food because they are the youngest and at the bottom of the pecking order.) I chalked her saggy bum up to being a little chubby but also looked up symptoms for EYP and ascites. I caught her the other night. And the area did feel pretty squishy. Most of my birds are at normal weight or a bit thin. Nearly everyone is molting, and some are having a harder time than others. She is getting ready to fully molt too. I do not know if she is currently laying. I have a lot of girls that lay the same colored egg in the same area. Anyhow the last few days I have noticed some yellow poop stuck to her bum, and her bum isn’t as saggy as it was. Plus she has stopped harassing me for the special food. Sure I have shooed her away several times because she’s chunky and didn’t need it. But it’s definitely a personality change for her. Yesterday I saw some of the girls peck a bit at her face, and she didn’t really react. Today when I was out, she was a little more antisocial. She stood by herself slightly fluffed. But she didn’t run away from being a part of the group either. She’s just not quite like herself. I wouldn’t call her lethargic really just not quite right. And then I saw this poop. And she had another poop like this too. I am concerned that she’s starting to go downhill. As an important side note, I have Marek’s in my flock. I do not know if there is a vet I can take her to in my area. And I don’t really like the idea of taking a Marek’s positive bird out in public and risk spreading the disease more. I have lost too many girls to direct Marek’s symptoms or secondary illness. And I am hyper sensitive to my flock’s behavior as a result. Two weeks ago I lost my first duck (mixed flock) in a year. She just stopped acting like herself and was gone within a few days.

Am I being paranoid?
I can try tomorrow. I gave her a dropper of Nutri-Drench last night with no real improvement.

She seems perkier this morning. I wanted to post a bum and side view picture. She was in the middle of scratching for some food when I took this and looks like more hunched than how she has been carrying herself.

She drinks and eats but will not get pushy for the food. Her bum looks a tiny bit saggier this morning. Is there anything I should start doing for her? Antibiotic? Bathe her?

She keeps giving me side eye because she knows I’m watching her intensely!


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