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Crossing the Road
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May 27, 2015
We are overflowing with excess squash, cukes, okra, eggplant. Lots of tomatoes now too. Yesterday, our daughter was filling up the house with everything she was unpacking from the UHaul, and the across-the-road neighbor came by to welcome her, bringing a big bag of MORE PRODUCE! But she's Filipino and there were new exotic veggies; long beans, bitter melon, various kinds of peppers of different hotness... So we ate some of her veggies for supper, and added the excess to a box of ours which I dropped off at the food pantry in Lamar this morning. There are a lot of hungry people with benefits ending, so glad our veggies can help a bit.
DD brought a food dehydrator, and we'll start dehydrating tomatoes after the decks are cleared from all the totes and stuff in every room...

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