Camellia Started Laying!

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    Hey peoples! My first egg was laid on Wednesday and the third egg was laid today! Only 1 of 4 of our chickens have started laying. Our Camellia laid her first on Wednesday, Second on Friday, and third was laid today on Sunday!

    Picture of Camellia: (It was taken a couple or few weeks before she started laying.)

    She has laid an egg every other day so far! She is a Barred Rock. She laid her first egg at exactly 20 weeks.
    We have 4 chickens:

    2 Barred Rocks
    1 White Rock
    1 Welsummer

    Camellia was behind all the other chicks growing up. The others would have tail feather and she would have them until a week or two later. She was underweight and small for how she should be. She finally caught up and is now bigger, heavier, and more matured. Her waddles and comb is much bigger than the others and her comb is hanging on the side. She does not peck at the eggs she lays (thank God). Here is a photo of the first egg she laid before we even touched it:


    Here is a photo of the egg she laid today! :) Her Third!!


    Bye! Hope you all have a Great Day!!!
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    [​IMG] The first eggs are soooo exciting!! Make sure you are giving them oyster shell 'on the side' next to their layer of luck...the first of many I'm sure! [​IMG]
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