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Mar 7, 2010
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I'm new and this is my first day here. I have a delightful Golden Campine pullet, she is so sweet. Anybody else here love these special birds? Are there any breeders on here? Try as I might I cannot find any Campine breeders. Other than (shudders) a hatchery, which is where I got my Campine from, unfortunatlly. She is actually good quality, and got 2nd out of 20 for Continental class once. These birds are critically endangered, so anyone with extra room in the coop should try these guys out. They are great layers, good free rangers, friendly, good showers, and they are PRETTY! Campine's come in Silver and Gold.Please get a Campine!

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2 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 2 Silkies, 2 Modern Game Banties, 1 Black Sumatra, 1 Golden Campine, 1 Bearded Buff Laced Polish, and 1 Birchen OEG banty, 1 horse (soon to be 2) 3 cats, 1 dog, and several fish.
Sorry I don't have any Campines, but I was also wondering on that. Ignoring hatchery birds, they're very rare and hard to find in the US, but I'd be sooo tempted for some Silvers. I think that if in the right quality, the color of a Silver Campine is amazing!! Hope some more people come along with Campines.
I had some campines a couple years ago, most turned out to be cockerels and were sold but I kept the one pullet b/c she is so beautiful (although in a non show quality kind of way) and because she is the special favorite exotic concubine of my Sussex roo. She is also however the most completely whackadoodle chicken I've had, it's always "aack! the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" and I do not foresee me ever getting any more campines. She needs to switch to decaf

Here is a pic of her when she was in temporary 'chicken jail' (not for the first time, as the sussexes do not find her any easier to deal with than I do)


I have a golden campine roo someone can have please come get him very pretty but can not be in with my other chickens the other roos completely dominate him and almost killed him one time so he is by himself just waiting on someone to come get him. Please anyone you can have him. Sorry Im not any help to your cause of liking them. By the way I live in Southeast Ok. If anyone wants him.
Wellll, I don't have any Campines yet, though I have a order with MPC due to be shipped 4/19 which has 2 Golden Campines(female) in it. DH picked these out because he wanted a smaller chicken, but I wasn't sure how a banty would integrate into our existing flock of big girls.

I think they are beautiful, but after reading these posts, I'm wondering about the personality? I guess hubby will need to give those little fuzzy butts lots of special attention and maybe they won't be too wild. We have an 8x16 enclosed run, and then a pretty large open run - at least 700 sq ft - just hope they don't want to fly over the fence.

Of course I have 2 RIRs that we got because a friend who raises chickens told us they were the sweetest. Well, I love all our chickens, but they are the loudest and pushiest of the flock. But, I'll admit that as the #1 birds, they do a good job of making sure everyone gets in at night.

Still, I'm very excited and can't wait for the new girls

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