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Mar 29, 2009
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I am not a tent camper, either. I love having a camper! I've spent one too many nights being flooded out in a tent! When we bought a camper, I needed one with a oven -- can't find those in every camper.

One of my favorite tent camping experiences was when I was a teen. I went with my friend and her family to their remote cabin in Canada. We then went fishing in an even more remote wilderness area and tent camped along river. We ate the fish we caught for dinner. It was fun!


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Feb 18, 2009
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I love the June Lake area. My grandparents lived in Lee Vining during the summer and we visited them almost every year. I never get tired of Bodie. Besides the the Pacific, June Lake is one of the few things I miss of California.

I definitely need Off. I'm allergic to mosquito bites, so apparently that means I'm a delicacy. It can be the dead of a dry winter and I'll still get bit!


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Feb 24, 2009
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Quote:You solve the heat problem by camping at a high elevation. Nice and snuggly at night and beautiful during the day. Pick an area that typically doesn't have A/C and you know you are good to go.

I love camping. I love hanging out with other campers, grilled food, fishing, playing in the water, taking the time out to really appreciate nature.

One of these days we'll travel.....Now we go camping close to home. We use our friend's pop up. This year, I didn't spend the nights there because it was so hot (plus we have pets), so let the guys camp, I would come by, and then go home....Home sweet home....LOL


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We are seasoned CW campers, yep, living primitively. But we do cheat sometimes! A family of three.

Here are our list of camping supplies that would fit our small Dodge caravan:

One officer's wall tent 12 x 16 I believe (I dont know the exact size but its big!) OR our soldier's A frame tent.

Two tables (size of card tables) ours made of wood.

Three chairs, one small folding foot chair, director's chairs are excellent to use, no worries about getting wet.

Inflatable queen bed, one inflatable twin bed. The queen has an accordian style bottom that you place the mattress on. Yes those egg crate mattresses are great to use if you are sleeping on the ground.

Small rug so when you get out of bed, you won't have grass on your feet in and out of bed.

One cooler. One drink cooler.

Dishes are those enamelware and stainless steel cups and silverwares. One camp kettle, the bigger the better to wash both dishes and anyone that needs a bath. Body sponge baths are nice but not as nice as showers. (I've seen reeanctors having those showers but they put pallets on the for floor.

Campfire, need those iron grate, a few fireplace items and if you can haul another thing, a tripod.

In some places, porta potty is a great thing! Sometimes they don't keep up with the cleaning....particuarly one event we stayed, you can see the waste material near the level of the toliet lid!
We (the ladies of the events) were disperate, we ended up going out in the woods with friends and our husbands on guard (particuarly at night). I swore that I would drag my own porta potty and hubby agreed. He even uses it even he says I went out in the woods. yeah right LOL!

That is just as primative you can get out of camping. No, the tent is not bear proof, not even an RV either but bears will tackle the tents first before trying RV's. I love our tents!

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