Can 12 day Olds Get Lice ?


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Apr 25, 2010
I'm not sure but i think one of my white leggorns may have lice . or mites 'whatever chics get '

I got magnifying glass and saw what looked like a bug but it did't move . The chic scratces a lot . We have 15 , 6 roos . [ one died second day here ].

How do you fight bugs on chics this young .
Thanks for all the help . I tried search engine but couldn't pull up site with my slow dial up . Anyway I can ask the feed store tomorrow .
patience is a virtue

I have no idea if chicks can get lice, but I don't see why they wouldn't be able to. However, you shouldn't need a magnifying glass to see them, I had a chicken who recently got them and they were huge all over her vent area. I treated with spray on cooking oil, they suffocate, then bleached out the coop, no more bugs.
Personally, I won't use lice or mite dust on my chickens. It's pesticide. I do like using Diatomaceous earth. (not sure I spelled it right.) Just be sure to get the GARDENING kind, not POOL. You could dust the chicks with it without hurting them, or put it in their bedding. The things you're seeing could also be from new feathers if it's white. All new feathers come sheathed. Preening breaks off the sheath and makes a kind of bird dandruff.
I know but it has been raining and I'm kinda new at this . Sorry f I came across rude .

I have some of that Diometrous earth or whatever for my garden .

We were not ready for 16 chics [ but they sent 6 roos too we didn't order too ].

Thanks for help and have a good day .
The local feed store has people there who don't know much mre than I do, haha.

I just didn't want it to spread or get infested is why the worry .
We try our bes to stay organic as possible so far not one once of persticide or artificial fertilizer has been used here since 1951 . But if we had to use i we would in emergency or if organic didn't work .

We have beautiful veggys and insects haven't been a problem 'yet' because the good insects keep the bad ones down .

We do use seven dust on dog houses this year because tics are terrible now .
Thanks all ,will let you know soon as we know if it is mites or lice or whatever . Still can't see anything on any others , but I will check out this chic again today after the storm passes . We are old people so we don't get to things as fast as before .
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