Can 7 week old chicks go outside in upstate new york right now?


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Apr 24, 2014
Its still getting down in the upper 20s and low 30s at night and i was wondering if i could put them outside in the chicken coop without a heat source at this point? these are our first 6 chicks and we are going to TS to get six more babies tonight. There are no adult hens in the coop it would just be the chicks. Would this be ok or should i wait for it to warm up a bit more?
I would offer a heat source for the transitional period, 7-8 weeks is old enough to go outside but 20's is pretty cold... I wouldn't put them out without some kind of heat.

also, if you can start training them to roost at night now, that will help when they move outside. they tend to pile in the corner when they're cold and this is how chicks die (suffocation). if they roost, they aren't piling and they're keeping their feet warm in their feathers while sleeping.
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Good idea on teaching them to roost! However i think they are figuring it out on there own. they like to sit ontop of the feeder in my big claw tub!
Mine that are turning 6 wks tomorrow go outside and it's in the 40's in the day and low 30's at night. I do not provide supplementary heat to them.
I plan to move my 7 4 wk olds out to my chicken tractor tomorrow. It has closed (on 3 sides) end with a red heat lamp in there for them at all times (unless the daytime is in the 70s...some of theses days recently have been like that.) and the nights are still getting down in the 30s.
Hopefully they'll be ok??? They are outgrowing their brooder and flying around in it...They really need more space and I think I'll see them grow visibly once they're moved out there.
anyone know if 4-5 wk olds can be outside in N NJ and do ok? We're about to move them...I will keep that hot red heat lamp on for them. They are fully feathered too. They've been roosting in their brooder too...on top of hte feeder, the gallon water container, anything they can get up onto.

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