Can a chicken lay 2 eggs within 3 hours?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Lisa202, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Ok...I told you all that my 16 week old EE started laying last week....little blue/green eggs. Then a few days later I found a pinkish brown I figured that maybe my cochin started laying too. Then the next day I actually saw the EE lay a pinkish brown egg so then a saw that some of you said that they're chickens had changed the color of their eggs I thought that it must be just the EE laying both color this morning there were no eggs at 9:30 and then at 11:30 there were 2...1 brown and 1 blue/green...

    so now I'm confused again...

    can a chicken lay 2 eggs within 3 hours of different colors???
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    Well, usually it takes 21 hours for the egg to develop, for double yolkers, I usually get twice that time. But maybe! Or one of your other hens could have the wrong color of egg. [​IMG] Good luck finding out!
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    They are living animals so anything can happen. Sometimes, I think they just enjoy confusing us.

    Pullets just starting to lay don't always have all the kinks worked out of their internal egg laying factory, especially if they start laying at an early age like yours. Many things can be messed up with that factory. I don't know if egg color is one of those, but probably. Hopefully she will get that part working right, or at least consistent.

    It normally takes about 25 hours for an egg to make it through the hen's internal egg laying factory. This is from the time that a yolk starts its journey until it is laid. There is no absolute law of nature that says a hen cannot start a second yolk before the first has completed its journey. Most get this worked out pretty well, but especially with pullets just learning to lay, this can happen. If the yolks start out about the same time, you might get a double-yolked egg. If they are separated a bit, you can get one egg laid soon after the other. I don't think that is going on in your case since what usually happens is that the shell gland does not have enough time to get enough shell material ready for the second egg, so the second egg is usually soft shelled. The first one will normally be fine. I don't guarantee this, just that this is likely.

    Often, when two yolks are released fairly close together, the hen skips laying a day. Not always, but usually. Nothing is sure with them.

    Good luck!
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    I dont know... but the mental image of a chicken walking around dropping fart eggs with each step is hysterical! Or maybe its just my lack of sleep and it isn't funny at all. But I'm laughing either way.
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    Hens can possibly change the tint in her eggs, but they won't change colors. For example, if a hen lays green eggs, shell always lay a shade of green egg, some maybe lighter, some maybe darker, but she won't change to pink. The 2 eggs in 3 hours won't happen either, unless it's a medical malfunction in your hen, & won't happen very often.

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