Can a chicken survive without it's vent?NEED ANSWER!!!!!!

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    It just started yesterday when I saw one of my best chickens with a big sack of blood hanging out her butt. I brought her in and soaked her in warm water , glazed the sack with honey(which is what my friend told me to do)and then,I peeled then rest of the droppings of the sack. I woke up the next morning and saw that the whole sack was dried up , and I don't know if she will make it:( any advice is AWESOME & USEFUL cause I don't know a thing

    Have a Blessed day!!! [​IMG]
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    I would say no. They need the vent to poo. Sounds like you may need to cull it. Sorry [​IMG]
  3. bloody sack from vent area? That would be a prolapsed sack and if it dried out, then that tissue is going to die, and rot, fecal matter wont be able to be expelled and infection will set in and the chicken will die of sepsis (sp) or some similar infection overload.

    Honestly your best course of action is to cull now and put her out of her misery. [​IMG] I'm sorry.
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  5. I didn't say it was dying, I said the tissue of the vent if it completely dried out like was stated by the original poster over night for many hours it is a very good chance that the internal tissues are starting to die. It may be possible to rehydrate that tissue if caught quickly, but honestly its like having intestine prolapsing from your belly, it gets dried out, it starts dying quick, and has to be removed. A chicken's vent area? that isn't possible to do. Also this happened yesterday, by this time if attempts to moisten and absorb the vent have been unsuccessful, or it has become purple in color it is a lost cause.
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    To let everyone who helped with there advice that chicken is doing a whole lot betterYAY
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    Thats great PA, [​IMG]

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