Can a duck live with chickens in a chicken coop?

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    Or do they need a separate little house or attachments? We are having a coop built for our 3 one-month old chicken hens and 2 week old mallard duckling. We will not put them out till they are a little bigger, especially the duck, and the hens still seem We are building a modest coop in our backyard with a modest run. We are in the talks of building a pond for the duckling but still unsure of where to put it and how to build it. to get cold in the house as they huddle around the heat lamp that is over the duckling. What special considerations if any need to be taken when putting a duck with chickens. I was worried about them at night when the 3 hens roost that they will leave the poor duckie on the floor by herself where she might get cold. We are also considering getting her a duckie friend. thoughts?

    Thank you

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    I've often asked myself this question. I've got hens and a roo, but would love to add a couple ducks. Hopefully you'll get some good advice. I can't wait to see the answers.
  3. We have had runner ducks with our chicken flock for a few years now! They survive no problem. The ducks seem to boss the chickens around a bit, but for the most part they get along.
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    Feb 9, 2011
    my kids are wanting a few ducks with the girls as well...good info!!

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    The only problem you may find is that the ducks can be so messy.

    If the waterer is outside, then you will probably be fine.

    Good luck
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    Quote:Yup--been there done that and found a couple of problems. First, as above, ducks are messy, especially when it comes to water which they must have 24/7. The area around any water source is always wet and will need constant cleaning/refilling. This is a special problem in the winter when you cannot have an outside watering spot. Second is that ducks don't necessarily go to roost at night. This means you have to herd them inside for protection at night unless you happen to have a very predator-proof installation. Otherwise you're going to lose some--coons love duck gizzards/crops. After about 5 years of keeping both I sold all of mine and haven't looked back.

    As an aside and just in case you're thinking about them--geese are worse!
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    Ya we have already noticed how messy she is with the waterer, and thats ok since she will be outside.

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    Jan 11, 2011
    I have my two ducks in with my chickens, they seem to get along fine, the chickens are able to go up to the hen house and the ducks have the whole run to themselves at night. As for water they use the nipple waterer so no mess there. Besides the chickens are the instigators of any issues that do arise!![​IMG]
    Good luck![​IMG]
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    Feb 17, 2013
    I really want to keep some ducks in with my chickens!

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    As do I, lol, still weighing out all these options myself.

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