Can a gander be infertile?

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    Its my gooses first year laying eggs and its my first year having geese.. so obviously I'm very new to this. I have a pair of Chinese geese. Theyre a little over 2-3 years. Since late February my goose started laying. As of today shes laid her 46th egg. But her nest only holds about 12. Ive removed old eggs and some have broke on their own. Ive candled them and out of ALL the eggs she's laid, not one has looked fertile? Any explanations? Ive candled duck eggs before and now what to look for.. but norhing has showed up in her eggs..PLEASE HELP!

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    Candling is only effective to detect fertility if the eggs have been incubated long enough to cause development to reach the point of being detectable when candling -- your post does not state that the eggs have been covered in a way such as to constitute incubation. Non-incubated eggs cannot be determined to be fertile or infertile without being cracked and having the germinal disc examined to detect having been fertilized. If the goose is actively laying she has not settled into incubation.

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