Can a hen's egg change colors?


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Orem, Utah.
I know this might sound stupid but I honestly think one of my hens changed her egg colors...LOL Um, all my hens lay brown eggs with one blue egg layer and one olive layer, a few days ago I went in and got my 2 brown eggs, 1 one olive, my one blue egg and there was also a BIG pink egg....It had to have come from my hen who just went broody or one of my other hens but my broody hadn't laid in one week...I'm not sure what could have made this pink egg. My hens are:

1 older RIR
1 Buff Orpington
1 Broody buff mix
1 Ameraucana
and 1 EE

my other 2 are broody with chicks and can't go in the coop since their chicks cant...

Could the RIR have laid it since she's a few months over 2 years? What else could have caused it? Or is it just normal for hens to change once in a while? I've never in my 5 years of hen raising had this happen....None of my hens have come out of molt...

Please help :( Thanks!

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