Can a kitten live with my chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by MetalFarm, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Local shelter posted saying they had too many cats so we got sucked in. Got a 3 month old kitten planning to raise it in the garage and let it live out there. For some idiotic reason I didn't think about it being 100 degrees in the garage. It's a giant detached garage about 1000 sq ft which I figured would be a kitten paradise.

    We have two chicken houses one with full grow girls and one with 3 month old girls. Can the kitten live out there?

    At this point I'm not sure what to do. We'd prefer it didn't live in the house. If I google cat in garage it's a bunch of animal rights how dare you posts. Maybe they're right. Already have 3 dogs in the house that are not going to be excited.
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    The dogs will get over it. I keep a room baby gated so the cat can get in and the dogs cannot. That way she always has a safe space to retreat to. If the garage wasn't 100+ degrees, it would be ok. To me, though, that defeats the purpose of having a pet.
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    You could put it in the coop, in a roomy wire crate until it's acclimated to you and the birds. Give it some cover to feel safe and so the birds can't get on top of crate and poop on the cat.
    Hopefully your coop is large enough to do this.

    Read something once about how to acclimate a new barn cat by keeping it crated for a time, with food and water (of course) and a litter box, with frequent socializations with humans. Eventually, hopefully it can be released from crate and will stick around. It's tricky, takes time and effort, and yes, controversial. I see both sides.
  4. My cat lives in my garage or my barn. I would not keep it with the chickens. Run a fan in your garage facing a comfy chair. The kitten will go in and out of the garage to eat and drink as long as you provide a cat door to access the garage. During the heat of the day the kitten will lay in a shady spot.

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