Can a single quail live with a single chicken?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by I Dream 0f Chickens *U*, Jul 20, 2010.

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    May 18, 2010
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    This really is a quail question, too.

    We bought 5 EE chicks a couple of months ago. The guy told me they were all pullets, but something in my gut had me worried about that when he told me they were 100% pure "Araucanas" too. I have been keeping my eyes on them and 4 of the five had bigger combs than the one, but I kept hoping that that didn't mean much because EEs are mutts. This morning I heard a pitiful crow. So today we have to re-home them to my father in law's flock. My 5 year old daughter was heart broken to find that out. I explained to her that her chick Alla-Grace would be lonely all by herself as tears ploppled down her cheeks.

    Someone have us a cortunix quail that they found and I was planning on re-homing her, too, but my daughter was hoping to keep the quail and Alla-Grace together. Would that work? Right now the quail is in a cage next to the coop, but they can all see each other. I never put her in with the others because she is so small and I was dealing with a feather picking issue at the time.

    I don't want to break my daughter's heart a second time by trying it out if y'all don't think it could work to begin with. Got any advice?
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    I kept silkies and quail together, never had a problem!

    Although, chickens can pass disease to quail... pretty nasty ones I've heard. I've never had a problem, but *knock on wood*, it can happen.
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    I had one last remaining quail from when I was raising them and I didn't want it to be lonely so I put a young chicken in with it and they lived happy together until the quail died of old age. You'd just have to watch closely though as I know some of my other chickens would have killed a quail of they were with it.
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