can already see their personalities


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Feb 12, 2008
After the first few days it is amazing to see how the personalities of the chicks are already coming out. Of course there are the physical characteristics that are obvious. Like the JG. She is so much taller than all the others. She has perched much better already too. The Leghorns are fast and much more aggressive than the other three breeds…as was expected. The Buff Orps are docile and don’t seem to be as “smart” as the others but they are more laid back…although they still aren’t crazy about any of us picking them up. And the Barred Rocks, well, it seems like they are just there. No real characteristics have shown themselves yet.

How soon will this little community gets it hierarchy in place? Will it be easy to see who the “top dog” is? At what age is this usually established?


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Mar 12, 2008
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I am starting to see some real personality as well. Mine will be 2 weeks old tomorrow.
My RIR's are very independent dont want to be bothered much, Americaunas, and barred rocks. run to my hand when I speak and reach into the brooder, buff orps like to lay in my hand and come RUNNING when they hear my voice LOL, sl wyandottes are very independent and the first to fly to the top of the feeders, they are not too skiddish just not real affectionate. And the aracaunas are extremely independent as well.
I am supposed to give 6 chicks to a friend of mine in a few weeks and it is going to be so hard to decide which ones to give!


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Seafood: the buff orps will be the lowest on the pecking order. The should start establishing it soon. maybe in a couple of days or weeks. my buff orps dont attack or anything so I am scared to put them with the BR's sexlinks and silkie

amaliayosa: They got you trained dont they lol. My buff orps pecked me till I bled. Vicious creatures i tell you. you can see the rabies dripping from there beak
. I did have a couple who would sleep on me and even sleep on me when I am sleeping at night. I miss them now
they went down stairs.


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Mar 8, 2008
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Sounds like everybody's chicks are different. I have 4 week old chicks. Ever since the beginning, my Barred Rocks have been the explorers.

They'll stretch their legs, body and neck way, way up in what I call the "who's the tallest chicken" game, trying to see out of the brooder, out of the coop window, etc. My little velociraptors!

They also like to climb up on our shoulders and roost.

The Easter Egger girls have a variety of personalities. There's one quiet slow big one, one that clearly believes she is the most beautiful chicken (probably correct), and two that are kind of middle of the road friendly.

And then there's a Speckled Sussex that likes to peck the bejeebers out of my husband's arm hair, but will also let us catch and cuddle him/her.

The Buffs are kind of timid, but will come and sit with us, and I can't pick out one from the others personality-wise.

They're all great, but I'm pretty fond of the Barred Rocks (straight-run, unfortunately).

Note to self: Do not order any more pretty, smart chickens as straight run. Get yourself some Cornish Cross next time.

Edited to add: With regard to the original question, no-one seems to be solely in charge yet although I would agree it's definitely not the Buffs. Just lots of jockeying for position so far, with the SS clearly somewhere near the top. Sorry, got carried away rhapsodizing about my chickens and forgot your question!
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Mar 15, 2008
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I have three little ones not even a week old yet and they have such personaltites already it amazes me. The smallest is docile and follows around whoever is nearby and likes to snuggle. The middle one is too cool for words and is content to hang with his buds or explore a little. But the first chick born is only a day older than the others but boy is he bold as all get out.

When he was two days old I had him on my daughters bed and I layed down near him. He stretched his head way up strutting his stuff and sauntered up to me to peck my cheek and let me know who's boss. lol. He even does the same when you peer over the brooder. STands straight and tall strutting over and JUMPS up at me wings flapping. He is friendly and sweet when you hold him though.

Amazing how early on they develop personality.

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