Can any one help?!


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
My rooster is loosing alot of feathers around his neck and his skin is bright red were the bauld pathes are but i do not know if that is his skins natural colour. is there any thing rong with him?
hmm, not sure, I hope someone else can chime in...
I would check him for mites and such and see if there is a physical reason
he is losing his feathers like that...maybe post a picture, that may help also,
i think i have a picture ill haved to look and will post it if i find it
here is a pic if you can see. it has got worse then that.
Hi Johnn,

Have you gotten hold of your rooster to look and see if he might have mites or lice? You would need to look way down under the feathers, next to the skin. The vent area is a good place to look, and also under the wings.....

If you see any critters, then buy some Seven Dust, and give him a good dusting. The whole flock may require it. Then you repeat in 14 days, because the eggs will hatch and then you'll need to kill the baby lice/mites before the are mature enough to lay more eggs and repeat the cycle.

Usually the skin is not bright red, so I'm guessing it's a parasite problem.
He's a good looking rooster. If you can't catch him during the day (not sure how tame he is), night time, when they're on the roost in the coop is a good time to look. Mites hide in the coop during the day, then come out at night to feed on the blood of your chickens. Lice will be there all the time.

During the night, chickens sort of go into a super calm state, so they're easy to catch.

Good luck and let us know what you find...

i cant catch him but some how im going to have to, ive checked a few of my hens and they seem clear my two broody hens had lice but they had dust baths and i cant see any on them any more...
put a coat on, long pants and gloves, trap him in the coop...its for his own good, you may need to recruit a friend to help corner him!
He will be very hard to catch can i not just check the two hens who sleep with him on the perch?
yes you can check them, and keep an eye on him also, but if you have to treat them, you will have to catch him then...

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