Can anyone help identify poo problem?

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    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has seen a poo like this. One of my girls has done a few of these and I'm not sure why. In this picture the blood looks like little pearls or berries. (They are not berries, they are blood). In other poos the blood is clumpy. She does not have diarrhea. The rest of the poo looks fine. The other five girls are not having this problem. This hen has had a chicken hysterectomy a year ago so it's not a stuck-egg type problem or broken shell problem. Every now and then she seems like she's not feeling so great but she gets through it. I haven't done a fecal yet - collected a sample to look at today. I'll get one to my vet this week also. I thought she'd be too old for cocci (being approx 2 1/2 yrs old) and none of them have tested positive for a parasite problem since I've had them. Thanks for your help.

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    i have read that blood in the stool could signify cecal coccidiosis or Newcastle disease. Maybe try a search on each of those on this forum and see if you find a similarity? Hope your hen will be okay.
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    found out anything?
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    Thanks Airheart. I'm pretty sure it's not Newcastle - she has none of the usual symptoms that are described.

    Signs of Newcastle disease are not greatly different from those of other respiratory diseases. The signs most frequently observed are nasal discharge, excessive mucous in the trachea, cloudy air sacs, casts or plugs in the air passages of the lungs and cloudiness in the cornea of the eye.

    In adult chickens, respiratory symptoms predominate. Only rarely do nervous disorders develop. If the flock is laying, egg production usually drops rapidly. When this occurs, it takes four weeks or longer for the flock to return to the former production rate. During the outbreak, small, soft-shelled, off-colored and irregular-shaped eggs are produced. Mortality in adult birds is usually low but may be fairly high from some virus strains.

    I'm not sure about the Ceacal Coccidiosis. It sounds like a possibility. I have a lot of questions on that. Wouldn't others be sick too? Aren't they past the age for developing illness from this? I know if their resistance is low from other diseases they don't fight things off that a healthy chicken might. As usual with these chickens my brain hurts trying to figure it out.

    I don't know what else to do except check with a vet. The fecal float that I did today showed no parasite problem even under 1000x magnification. I don't do gram staining so I can't really check for bacteria. I may have some bloodwork done just so I can rule out some things.

    Thanks for your help.​

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