Can Anyone Help Me Determine Cause of Passing...?

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    May 10, 2018
    So, this is the first time I've ever had this happen. And this is the third hen to fall ill, the second to pass away.
    But I don't quite know, again, what has happened.
    One of my Sumatra, we found, was acting very odd. We're not sure how long she has, but it couldn't have been for more than a couple days, as not too prior she was as chipper as the rest.
    I'm going to give quite a lot on the topic, so I'm sorry for the long post. I want to know what happened in case it happens again, and if there's a way to stop it...

    So, when we found her acting this way, she had her head tucked down and tail drooped, just standing there. She didn't react much when anyone came near her and would slowly waddle away. When we looked her over, she looked like she had poopy butt. So, of course I went on to try and help her with that, using warm water and, using gloves, gently helped to get as much as I could off. Nothing seemed to be wrong with her vent area.

    Next I had checked her crop and it was real, and weirdly, soft but full. So I suspected sour crop. I'm not sure 100% if it was, but she would cough up a thick, yellow mucous (that stunk pretty bad). I'm assuming it was.
    We separated her from the coop and got her nice and cozy in a place to keep an eye on her. She refused to eat (we tried to give her yogurt and egg, which I heard might help with that issue?) and wouldn't drink much of the water we gave her (which was mixed with a dose of medication/vitimin and ACV).
    Whenever she would poop (which wasn't much) it was pure white and runny and smelled awful.
    She wouldn't lay down and remained standing, her tail down, and then started making gurgling sounds? Not too often, but would shake her head about and 'sneeze'.
    She just passed away about an hour ago and we had no way to bring her to a vet, as none are close at all (being hours away).
    She just completely dropped and stopped breathing or moving...

    I just want to try and figure out the problem... It seems it happened so suddenly and I'm very distraught over this. No matter what I searched up, I couldn't find any answers that seemed to help...
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    Aug 6, 2018
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    Sour crop or egg bound... I think. @aart please help in emergency post!
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    It sounds like she may have had a reproductive infection or internal laying. Sour or impacted crop can be a common during these infections or internal laying from swelling in the abdomen.

    I would refrigerate her body if you still have it, and contact your state vet tomorrow to get a necropsy. Sorry for your loss. Here is a link to find your state vet:
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