Can anyone help me identify these beauties...working with local 4-H'ers for show.

The first second and third pics they all look like roos. The one you mention the white with feathers is probably a cochin and not a barred plymouth rock they don't have feathered legs. The one that looks like a rock is the one you said is a california gray and last bird not sure.
But hey I'm no expert.
She has willow shanks...hoping for Sicilian Buttercup? Could you post a photo of its comb? If it is a buttercup comb, then it is indeed a Sicilian Buttercup. If not that, I'm not sure what it could be.

Dark Shanks-started out completely black and then this beautiful rust came in...just gorgeous! Looks like a Black Sex-lInk pullet to me.

I believe this to be a CA Gray? I was told this at the feed store. Its either a really greyish Plymouth Rock, or a CA Gray. I don't have experience with the CA Grays, so I'm not 100% sure. And as for gender, it is looking like a cockerel.

White is booted barred Plymouth Rock, "supposedly" and my Booted Bantam Mottled Cochin according to Feed Store. The mostly white bird looks like a Light Brahma or Columbian Cochin (I would need a comb photo to tell for sure). The small, black and white chick looking at the camera appears to be a Mottled Cochin. I'm not sure about the dark bird in back or the larger bird in the far right.
completely unsure! What type of comb does it have? Could just be some sort of mix, but I doubt a feed store would sell real mixed breeds, other than the normal Easter Eggers and egg-laying hybrids.

These are a bit blurry for the combs. But the one I "think" is a Buttercup has a different shaped coming an elongated diamond shape. The other looks just like a straight line...I will be watching them as they develop. These uploaded in a mixed up order, so I'll attempt to ID.

This is the one I believe to be a Buttercup.

This is the other one, that I am completely unsure about.

The comb of pic #2

The "hopeful" Buttercup comb.

Buttercup, she seems to get darker by the day.

Would I be correct in the pullet in the front is a Golden Comet and the on in the rear a Copper Queen? These gals are about 9 wks.

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