Can anyone help me with chick trouble??

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  1. I have 4 3 week old chicks that I recently took from a mama hen. They are now in the house under a light. They are all D'uccles. I started with 7 and the mamas let a rat take the other 3. So when I took these guys away one has a sore eye and it looks all puffed up and is scabbing over. It also has these scabs on its feet that look like huge growths. and a couple scabs on its body, and on its underside is a huge area that is like a giant scab. If I pull on this the chick screams!! So that is chick 1. chick 2 has a swollen eye but no scab and not so bad. Doctored it with warm water compress. it also has a few scabs on its body they look to be healing, and one growth on its toe. Chick 3 has a few "growths" on its feet. and a very small growth on its beak. chick 4 has a couple growths on its feet and toes also. I do not know what they are. I did warm compress' and pulled off the scab under it looked like the pics of bumble foot. But the sore was not on the foot. The eye of chick one looks terrible like some hunch eye or something. I have never had this happen before and I have no idea what the mama hen may have done or the rat. I do not know. They seem very healthy besides these "growths" . I am constantly changing the paper under them so they are not walking on poo or food. They seem to make a huge mess with the chick starter too!
    For the ones with eye problems should I put something on their feet to prevent scratching their eye? could that be why the eye is swollen? self inflicted? And if I should put something on their feet, what? I am also putting ACV in their water daily when I change it. Thinking about down sizing their feeder. Oh, and chick 1 also has a sore on its right wing. Like something pulled the first two big feathers right out. It too is all scabbed over. Trying to help them but there must be more I can do. Supplements. bandaging. I don't know something. I wish I could post pics but I have been unable to do so. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    You poor thing, that sounds horrible :( I've never experienced anything like that. I've had adults with bumblefoot in the heavier birds or after injuries got from roosting in trees so I know I have staph on the property. Staph can be systemic too, but my understanding is that an infection like that usually needs an entry point. Did the rat injure the other chicks at the time? I'm in the South Pacific so there are a lot of diseases we're fortunate enough not to have.

    Can you post photos here for more knowledgeable people to see?
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    Possible severe case of fowl pox? Or have you ruled that out?
  4. Hey everyone! Thanks for the response. No fowl pox. These chicks were with a healthy mama, but I have been having trouble with rats in my greenhouse lately where they were housed. The rat actually took 2 of the other babies and broke the jaw of another. Now I didn't see this so I guess the baby could have been stepped on by the mama, but highly doubtful. I am so SO SICK of rats! I have 4 freakin' cats too!! UGGGHH!! Maybe I should lock my cats in the greenhouse!! Anyways, I think the rat pulled off part of the wing of chick 1 and that is why the front feathers are gone and there is a nub there. Not sure what happened to its eye. It is really swollen though. I need to get some of that gauze stuff that sticks to itself to wrap the feet after I doctor them. SO frustrating. Been raising chickens for awhile now and never seen anything like this. Good grief! Will keep searching. Anything anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. I will check EVERYTHING! Thanks!

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