Can anyone help

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8 Years
May 24, 2011
My black sussex chicken has decided to stay in her nesting box. She has turned aggressive as in she will peck you hard if you go up to her now. We have to prise her out of the nesting box and down into the coop just so she will eat and drink which she doesnt do alot of at the moment. We have to prise her out of her coop to get some exercise and fresh air. She shares her coop with another black sussex who is absolutely tickerty boo and no probs with her at all but Daphne is becoming hard to handle. When she is fianlly out she tends to stick around the other black sussex chicken and when I throw out some lettuce or mealworms to the chickens they all flock around like a pack of vultures except Daphne. She might take a little of the food but not like the other gannets and not like how she used to be. The other week a fox did come sniffing around the coops and both my black sussex birds seem to be the nervy type so of course they flapped and flapped until the panic was over. But that was a week or so ago. My red ranger chicken died the other day in her nesting box, died naturally and Daphne my black sussex has been acting this was since my red ranger, Ginger, died. Are the 2 linked? Can anyone offer me some advice or something on what to do because prising her out of the coop is becoming a little harder each day.
Could she be broody? Is she missing feathers on her belly and rufling her feathers when you get near her?

Sorry about your Ranger
Was there anything strange about her?

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