Can anyone identify a baby runner for me?


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Apr 14, 2011
Okay, I usually don't do this. Count my ducks before they hatch, but, they are rocking, pippin and ready to zip
My problem is, I have WH and I should have a runner cross in the bunch. Plus a numerous assortment. Can anyone identify the runner in the bunch? I am hatching these for my sil but, I really would like to keep an offspring of my runner girl.
it may be possible to pick it out once its fluffed up and walking around. Runners are a slightly different body and head shape from other ducklings but being a cross might make it harder. - also genetics- and who was the mother /father of the group of ducklings may help as well. Post a pic when they are all hatched- and Im sure people on hear will help you work it out.
After a day or two you should be able to. (depending on what she's crossed with)
If you post pictures I can probably pick her out for you.

That picture is adorable.. My runner girl is full runner. I am so nervous waiting on them to break free from the shell. I will need to identify the runner, hopefully runners, soon. My sil is anxiously waiting the babies and I don't blame her, I would want them soon after hatch too. Oh heck, I can see where this is headed, I can't keep just one I will have to keep 2 of them
. If all goes well with the hatch, I will get pix posted of the babies and the possible mamas and daddys. Last hatch I marked each egg, thinking I would know who was who after hatching. They started hatching so fast there was no way to keep up
I am pretty certain there was a few little runners in the bunch. Thanks everyone!

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