Can anyone identify our month old pet duck?


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
QLD, Australia
Hi guys and gals,

We recently bought a week old duckling from a box of mixed breeds at the local markets. We have no idea what breed he/she is, what sex or anything, its anyone's guess I suppose :)

This was our little fluffball at 1 week old:

Our duck, Rodney (here's hoping it actually IS a boy lol!) is now 3 and a half weeks old, and his adult plumage is coming in fast. Here are a couple of pics I took of him today....

Any ideas? I'm guessing Muscovy, but that's just by comparing pics on the internet. I really don't have much of an idea

Any help on identifying Rodney's breed/sex would be appreciated.


Nikki (AussieNik) :)
You are right, looks like a muscovy :)
And from the feathers just starting to peak through, it looks like he/she will be a blue, possibly pied! Very pretty!

As for sexing, that is a bit harder with muscovies while they are still little. You won't be able to voice sex this breed of duck and the males don't grow the curly "sex" feather at the base of the tail. Do you have just this one? I ask because as they grow, the males will be noticably larger than the females (larger heads, thicker legs and bigger bodies). So if you have a few of them it makes picking out the males and females easier.
If not, then you will just have to wait and see :) Once fully feathered, its easier to tell.
Thanks for your help guys :) The funny thing is, had I only waited a few more days, I would have had my answer! I noticed tonight that Rodney has started developing that leathery/lumpy black skin above his beak, the trademark Muscovy facial feature lol. I'll take a photo of him tomorrow and share it so you can see his newest changes.

Learycow - we only have the one duck! His best mate is a chicken the same age as him, they have been inseparable since 1 week of age lol. Hopefully we will still be able to work if he is indeed a boy (or girl? In which case, back to the name drawing board!) even though we don't have any other ducks to compare him to.

Sorry about my lack of updates, no excuse other than having to work my butt off lately, I rarely get time on the internet!!

Rodney has been doing a lot of growing since my last post. Here are some pics of him as he appears today (2 months old) :) I'm pretty certain now that he is a male?? As he is certainly an armful to pick up... such a big duck!

We also managed to score another duck from our next door neighbours recently.... but no idea on the age, breed or sex of this one :S I'm guessing its also a Muscovy???

Thanks for your help :D
Definitely a 'scovie and for sure a boy!(drake) the second i am too leaning towards a drake.. those feet are big, but without aging it's hard to be sure, is it fully feathered? hard to tell if there is down or feathers, darker birds hide it better.

Cuties regardless!

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