Can anyone identify the colour of my pekin cockerel?

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May 24, 2011
Hello there. I bought my first lot of pekins yesterday, wanted 4 hens which I got. The breeder clearly wanted to get rid of a cockerel.
She already had quite a few, all different colours (to go with the different hens), apart from this one coloured cock that was the brother of another identically coloured.
She had no need for two cockerels of the same colour, and wondered if I wanted him for £10.
I said no not really, so she dropped it down to £4, and I said ok.

I was just wondering what colour he was? whether he was pure or some sort of mix of colours? and what chicks he would produce, and also what colour hens he would breed best with?

Lots of questions I know!

The 4 hens I purchased was of the following colours: 2xSilver Birchen, 1xBuff, 1xMottled. Not that this is particularly relevant.

Any comments will be appreciated.

I do but I have no idea how to get it up. I just clicked 'uploads' at the top and uploaded to pictures of him, but have no idea how to get them on here.
Do you know what I should be doing? Its not very clear.
Dede, After you upload there should be two boxes under the says thumb and the other says image. Copy and paste the code to a new message and you'll have the chance to look at it before you post.
Well that link was very useful and explained alot.

'Starting now, if you are a brand new member you will NOT be able to:

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Once you are no longer "new" (which is determined by our system) you'll be able to freely post links and images and update your entire profile.

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I am new so can post pictures yet!

Now that is a shame as a picture paints a thousand words!

I shall try to describe him.

His whole upper body/neck is cream coloured, that splays out nicely across his upper breast, back and half his tail. There are a few vertical streaks of brown towards the bottom on this, but it is minimal.
His lower body, wings and feet are coloured with a mottled brown and white, you could almost say the lower breast feathers were brown with a broad white lacing. There are a few green sheen feathers about mid wing which comes through more on the end section of the tail which is dark green sheen with the odd brown feather.

I was wondering whether he was classed as mottled or not, because he is technically half cream?
You'll need to participate in the forum a bit more in order to post pics. It's an unfortunate side effect of a program to stop spammers. Take a look around, leave comments, ask questions, welcome other new members and you will be posting pics in no time at all!

I gather you are in the UK - here in the US a pekin is called a Cochin. Might make it easier to get a response, since what the US calls a pekin is a duck, lol. Maybe use both words, since there are LOTS of UK members as well!


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