Can anyone identify this rooster?

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    Jan 12, 2014
    Hello! I'm new here, I keep looking and looking and asking people what breed My rooster could possibly be. He wandered onto our property about six months ago we have been feeding him. We have even made him a little wooden house in the pine tree that he roosts in every night. None of our neighbors have roosters so we have no idea where he could have came from. One of our grandparents said that he looks like a fighting rooster He also said we live somewhere where that is a common occurrence.. He doesn't like the dogs but he will eat right out of my hand. We like him a lot but we didn't really ask for him to be on our property therefore we don't have a proper house for him quite yet But we are going to work on it. We never thought that he would stay here when we noticed him on our property for a few days Of course he does have it made here with our pond with a waterfall and all of the birdseed on the ground [​IMG]
    Since then we have bought chicken feed He is just such a beautiful rooster that we are curious what type he may be He must of been young when he showed up here because he seems as if he went through puberty. Thank you for your help I truly appreciate your input!
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    he's a pretty mixed breed
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