Can anyone offer an idea on what type banties i have? please


Apr 4, 2014
Ninveh, IN

The first 2 pics r of a banty from the asst banty bin at TSC, my store uses Mt. Healthy Hatcheries. Hatch safe is approx 03\11. This is the largest of my banty chicks. I just can't figure it out. This one seems to have taken the position of alpha. If I have him him out lovin him and tone of the chicken from inside the brooder makes a noise, he loses his mind too get back in there. He is also very social as I'm reaching in none position in the brooder toreposition, or clean and fill stuff he perches himself on my the whole time. I do call him a he but iin don't know, my 3yr old named MAC, so its a he for now.

The last 2 pics of the white chick that came from an asst bantom brooder as well, but this store was called RuralKing. Their hatchery they use is Townline Hatchery Inc. This on the other hand is my smalles banty i have. The approximate hatch date is 03\24 and I bought a sebright the same age as him thats easily double his size now? All the feather iits getting are all white. Only color is the yellowish on his head and two streaks on his back. he just cause the name my 3yr old gave him is McQueen. This Lil one is super laid back but I have never seen him get picknoce

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