can anyone tell me what type of chicken this is?


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011

Ive just adopted these two chickens and am confident the little one is a "Silkie" the big one I have no idea, Rhode Island Red?
Yupp, the one on the right is definately a silkie. The other one is definetaly NOT an RIR.
A better picture of the one on the left would help with identification.
I am kinda getting a Welsummer vibe though. Perhaps other BYC'ers can provide another opinion.
The other one is a Golden-laced Wyandotte. Wyandottes are a dual-purpose medium-sized breed, mine have always laid well and they are very cold hardy. I can't tell if yours has a single or rose comb - Wyandottes are supposed to have rose combs, but one from lower-quality stock (hatcheries mostly) sometimes have single combs. The only problem with that is you can't show it. Good luck!
My gut reaction guess is GLW, but my two Wyandottes (1 SL & 1 BLR) both have yellow legs. Can't see too well in the photo, but do they look greyish? Could be a mix? But the color pattern and the fluffy underskirts are very Wyandotte.


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