Can anyone tell me whats up with this eye - should I be worried?

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    Got some adolescent chickens several weeks ago - almost a rescue situation as they were not in the best of environments and ended up being very sick with respiratory and lice. Have been in quarantine and finished antibiotics and first round of treatment for lice. Hit this one's eye 2x/day with terramycin ointment for several days to be safe but still looks odd. No drainage and doesn't seem to really bother her other than she turns her head funny to look and appears to have "extra" space on the eyelid on the bottom front. Has anyone seen something like this before? Had plans to integrate with current flock the end of this week (after second lice treatment - although seeing no bugs currently, want to play it safe) but want to try and make sure I'm not missing something. Thanks!

    sorry - picture's not the best but the little bugger wouldn't stay still....


  2. I see that alot in birds, not in any of mine - but I'm thinking its not a big deal that 'gap' space - I've seen it alot in heavy breed adults like Orps and Brahmas. (I have brahmas but mine are still really young - so haven't seen anything like it)
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    Quote:You wouldn't happen to be in the Pacific NW would you? I am kinda going through the same thing with a chicken I got free with a purchase of another. The free chicken was "attacked by a dog" twice. The first attack, she ended up with two broken toes that were never fixed and had the second time it was attacked her inner eye lid was was injured. This was a few days before I took her home. The only reason I took her is 1)She was bonded with the one I wanted 2)I felt sorry for her because not only is she injured, she is also a runt and after picking her up, she melted my heart and 3)I am a newbie and didn't do my research or think clearly (because I had hearts a flutter above my head)....darn sad looking chicken!

    Anyways, I got her home and first I assessed her toes and determined it was too late to fix those. I also nursed her eye back with first just saline until I determined I need to put some antibiotic ointment on it for a day or two. Now her eye that was almost sealed shut is open, inner eye lid is healed and looks almost normal! Was feeling great until then I noticed she and her sister had poultry lice. Ok. I can handle this. Then, after washing them both (because I couldn't get to the feed store right away and I didn't want them to suffer) I notice that they also have mites. Ugh. So, I dust them both with poultry mite and lice killer (still need to apply the second treatment) and then I notice the poor thing is sneezing! So, the injured eye was bubbling and the opposite nostril had a crusty booger (can't think of a more proper name, sorry). So, I start doing research and I am thinking she could have Coryza? Ugh. The stunted growth, respiratory issues...hmmm....just lovely. Now I feel awful for my original flock of raised by hand chicks with absolutely NO issues.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to take over your post! I just started typing and I couldn't stop! [​IMG]

    So, do you live in the PNW? [​IMG]

    Hope your chicken starts feeling better soon. [​IMG]

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