Can anyone tell what type of chicken these are? Also approximate age?


Mar 18, 2020
I bought 6 new chicks yesterday since I was down to 3 from my first 6 (pretty sure its a fox but it was day time when they went missing). The bin that the white ones were in said they were Buff Brahma's but after looking at pictures I don't think that is what they are. The girl working was clueless. The red ones said they were Golden Comets, which is possible? How old do they look? The store I bought them from were selling all poultry for 50% off so I'm thinking they may have had them awhile.
Do you think I can keep them in the outside coop, the temp this week is 60 degrees at night and 80's during the day?
Also, my 3 other chickens are about 12 weeks old when do you think I can integrate them?
Sorry for the million questions, I am new to this!


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Feb 24, 2020
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All of those chicks look to be 2-3 weeks old IMO. The red chicks look more like production reds than golden comets and the white chicks could be white leghorns? Other folks may have other ideas on breeds. Also it looks like at least one of the white chicks may be a cockerel, but it will be easier to tell in a few more weeks.

I would wait a few more weeks to keep them outside, though they could probably be outside for a couple of hours during the heat of the day if highs are in the 80s as long as they are well-protected, you are providing chick grit in addition to food and water, and the older chickens can't hurt the new chicks.

Your other chickens are significantly bigger, so it will take some time and patience to integrate them to ensure the chicks' safety. There are lots of threads on BYC about how to integrate new chicks into your flock. These articles also have lots of helpful information:,

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