Can anything be done to stop him

Granny Hoffman

9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
SE Michigan
from attacking my 2 year old grandson. I have a 30 week old LO rooster, he keeps wanting to attack my grandson. He doesn't attack adults. I am not sure if he will actually hurt Kaeton, but I don't want it to get that far to find out. Kaeton will be playing not even close proximity and the rooster (Harold) will run towards him like he is going to attack, but I step in and get Harold away from him. Is there anything that can be done to stop this. I am afraid of him getting pecked in the eyes because Harold is such a huge rooster and his beak is about the right height for Kaeton's eyes.

Thanks in advance
Judy, hello!

There's not alot you can do but keep your rooster locked up when your grandson is around. You are right in being cautious because he could do some serious damage to a little tot like your grandson......

Such a bummer, I know.......Roosters are so beautiful but they can surely be dangerous creatures. They're much less dangerous when they're in a soup pot!
Making him the main course of dinner might be your only recourse. From what I know of animal behavior the roo is viewing your grandson as a threat and will eventually hurt him. If Kaeton can "puff up" and yell at him a few times and scare the rooster, that might work. He's got to appear tougher/bigger than the bird! Be careful!!!
Although there are training techniques, they pretty much apply to the adults in the family (or at least much older kids). The only sure-fire way to keep your grandchild safe w/your roo acting this way is to pen the roo when your little one is out, rehome the roo, or eat the roo.
There are a lot of techniques to tame/manage aggressive roosters, but frankly, when it involves young children, I don't think such attempts are worth the risk. A rooster can put an eye out easily.

When only adults are involved, it's different, sometimes some risk is worth it, and at least some taming/dominance training can be managed in many cases. It's just a whole different story with a small child. I'd remove the rooster, one way or another.

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