Can black copper maran roosters be full black?


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May 10, 2013
I bought 30 chicks this spring. We culled out all my roos... Or so I thought. I have suspicions that a huge all black bird is a roo. The adult feathers have the pointy ends and "he" has a sickle shaped tail.
I have not seen it crow, nor mount any hens nor does "he" have spurs.
He's HUGE and has beautiful red wattles (also huge).
My hubby has suspicions it's a rooster but I keep telling him it's a hen and to go tend to the goats ;-)
The breeds I was told I purchased are welsummer, gold laced wyandotte, silver wyandotte and black copper maran.
This mystery-sex chicken is SOLID black. Not even brown around the head.

Thoughts on the identity/sex of my mystery giant bird? (I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. They're all asleep now.)
Some Marans are solid black, or he could be a mix up somewhere, do you know if the people you got him from had any solid black breeds? Marans tend to be a big slow maturing breed, so it is possible you have a roo and he is just not crowing yet. is the Feathersite page for Marans, they have a picture of a solid black roo about half way down the page.

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