Can BSL pullets be solid black?


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Apr 16, 2013
Central Oregon
I recently got my first 3 pullets and was told they are all black sex link. They are 10 weeks old now and first i must say, way more entertaining than I ever imagined! 2 of them are what I understand to be typical coloring, black with rusty red mottling on the chest. However the 3rd is solid black with not even a single red feather on her chest. Could it be another breed, or just a pure black BSL? I am brand new at raising chickens and the only pure black hen i could think of is an Australorp.

Any ideas?


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Jun 18, 2010
Southern Oregon
I've had bsl hens that had only the smallest touch of red at the throat. I think is has to do with the different roosters used to cross with the barred hens to make the sex link. I'd just wait and see how she turns out. If she stays pure black, she's probably an australorp that got mis-labeled.

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