Can budgies eat Chicken Layer Pellets?

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    Oct 24, 2009
    This year I am starting my budgie breeding season. I usually breed a couple pairs each season for pleasure and to re stock my aviary from any losses I had during the year.

    Preparing the breeding food mix, I got the idea I could provide the breeding pairs with a pot of chicken layer pellets as well as their normal mix.

    I figured that the pellets would have all the nutrients the females budgies need to make their eggs.. and also have calcium and minerals in there. They would be very easy to use.

    The birds seem to like them.

    But now I just started to think are they actually safe for parakeets? Do they have too much protein or something like that in them?

    I tried to research the net.. but could not find any budgie breeder that uses the chicken layer pellets.

    On a future note.. once the chicks hatch, could I feed chicken chicks crumbs to the budgies to give good nutrition to the chicks in the nest?

    If this is OK, it would take all work out of making my home make rearing and breeding mix.. which I use boiled eggs mashed up with lots of other ingredients.

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    i don't know how that would do, but you could look up the nutrients that budgies need and compare it to the layer pellets

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