Can chickens get canker from pigeons?

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    I have some chickens who are having a hard time breathing and on one of my d'uccles mouth I found a little bit of yellow goo stuck on the roof of his mouth, just like pigeons get sometimes. Is that Canker? If so what can I give them? Would I be able to give them the same stuff you can give the pigeons?Thanks
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    Do not keep pigeons and poultry together:
    "...Pigeons have been long associated with disease organisms transmissible to humans and livestock. These include: 13 bacterial diseases including salmonellosis ( Salmonella food poisoning), fowl typhoid, paratyphoid, pasteurellosis , streptococcosis , and tuberculosis ; five fungal diseases including aspergillosis, blastomycosis and histoplasmosis ; six protozoan diseases including toxoplasmosis and coccidiosis; chlamydiosis ; the rickettsial disease Q Fever; eight viral diseases including eastern equine and St. Louis encephalitis, Newcastle disease and fowl pox of poultry; the tapeworms in the genus Taenia, Davainea proglottina, and Railletina tetragona ; four genera of parasitic nematodes of poultry including Tetramares (2 sp.), Capillaria (5 sp.), and Acuaria spiralis ; and 14 parasitic flukes of poultry, livestock, and humans.

    Pigeons are generally a more serious disease vector to livestock, especially poultry and egg producers, than to humans. Still, the presence of pigeons where food is prepared or people eat-such as picnic areas and outdoor restaurants-should be a cause for concern about the spread of Salmonella bacteria...."
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