can chickens go out in snow?

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  1. so its gonna be like 20 above later and I was wondering if its OK to let my chickens out in the snow?? Thanks!!
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  3. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Yes they can be allowed to free range in the snow.
  4. Ridgerunner

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    My chickens choose to go outside and forage when it is 4 degrees F above zero. I supect they would forage when it is even colder but I haven't had it colder when they are awake to try it.

    My chickens are usually afraid of the snow when they first see it. Last winter, some got used to it and would go out and forage in it if weeds and grass was sticking up through it. I've had chickens walk through 9" of snow to check out the compost pile. Some never get used to snow and never go out in it and all are afraid of it when they first see it, but some are braver and more adventurous than others.
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    My chickens have no problems with snow! If we weren't having a crazy warm winter (so far, although some crap weather headed our way tonight/tomorrow) I would be jumping up and down for a 20 degree day!
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    It snowed here in Georgia a year ago and my chickens were afraid of it. It took them days before they would leave the coop and wander out.
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    If you want them to go out and they seem afraid of the snow put down some straw or hay for them to walk on
  8. OK thanks very much!! Just the snow is kinda deep, like a couple feet.....
  9. Adia C

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    No worries about the depth, they're light animals and their feet are designed almost like snowshoes. They won't sink down. We get snow (or used to, when we actually had winter. WTH, weather?) a lot up here and our girls love it. When it's all powdery and fresh we often see some of them trying to use it like a dust bath, really, really cute. Just make sure they have a warm space to go back to as they please - they're not stupid, they won't stay out in the snow to the detriment of their own health and will go back to warmth when they need it.
  10. I was just worried about there feet, thanks! We have our coop open so they can go out. I tried to get them out but they keep flying back in!!

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